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My Club & Mental Health

TAMHI (Tackling Awareness of Mental Health Issues) is a mental health charity that has worked with sports groups, youth groups and young people for over 10 years. We understand the grassroots issues and the challenges faced by groups on the ground. TAMHI can support your group with resources and tools to change, challenge and champion mental health in your group. www.tamhi.org

Intro to Mental Wealth Games: Online

Welcome to introduction to Mental Wealth Games our fun creative way to promote mental health through sport and play. This is an introduction level course to familiarise yourself with our games and how we intergrade wellbeing messages into them.

Mental Wealth Games Licence

Mental Wealth Games promotes mental health through play and sport. This license gives you access to Game Tutorials, Game Cards and resources that will enable you to deliver in your settings. The games cover: - Good and Poor mental Health - Impact of your choices - Anti-Bullying - Overcoming challenges - Take 5 Steps for Wellbeing.

22nd Old Boys/ Ladies Resources

TAMHI customized resources designed for 22nd Old Boys/ Ladies that can be used to help a coach, teammate or parent confront and talk about an issue that is affecting a member within the club or wider community.