Promoting Positive Mental Health - Part 2

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Volunteers are the lifeblood sports clubs giving up their time for the sport they love.
Volunteering promotes great self-worth.

Promote club fundraising or supporting worthwhile causes.

Promote values of supporting each other and other members.
Create volunteer opportunities for members.
GIVE yourself some time; to chill and do something you enjoy.
Do something nice for a friend or a stranger, seeing the impact of giving your time can be so rewarding.
Take notice of the positive impact you have on others.
Take Notice of the positive impact of the club in the community.
Take notice of the social issues the club is contributing towards tackling.
Be aware of the world around you and be mindful of others.
Clubs teach people new skills, new techniques and create new experiences.
Encourage an environment that “adds value” and educates members.
Encourage members to take up other sports, activities and find hobbies.
As coaches continue to develop and learn new skills and tactics and drills that enhance your ability.
Don’t you be afraid to try something new to improve your skills and confidence.
Any group that facilitates sport and physical activity has a positive impact on mental health. Being active releases chemicals in the brain called endorphins that trigger a positive feeling in the body.
While coaches/leaders/volunteers often deliver sport-based sessions for member, it’s important that you make time to be active, walk, run, go to the gym, look after yourself.
Clubs create a sense of belonging and a safe space for people to meet others.
People make friends and life experiences.
Clubs help people feel part of their community.
Connect with people around you who make you feel good, make time for those positive relationships.