Talk / Listen / Care




Its ok to talk and its ok not to be ok – we need to promote help seeking behaviour.    Talking about problems is not a sign of weakness and by sharing problems the person is not causing a fuss.

Tell the person why you are concerned about them; tell them they can speak to you when it suits them.  NOTE Safeguarding procedures if the person is under 18.

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Once the player opens up; we need to give them an opportunity to talk about their thoughts and their feelings and let them get things off their minds which should support to their mental wellbeing.

Do not judge and be prepared to be told things that could potentially upset you.  Remember you can get help after from club committee or designated officer.

See Sarmatians Listening wheel

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Reassure them – do not promise everything is going to be ok, but that help is available. 

If anything is said that is troubling, encourage the person to seek professional help and that the club is there for them.  Connect to the person to GP, Lifeline or Childline.  Connect to the Governing Body of the club if the club is supporting a player with a mental health issue and look after yourself.  It is important to follow any club safeguarding policies.