Signs To Look Out For.

Mental Health Awareness signs to look out for…


For the last two weeks or longer are things not right? Is it about…

Social Isolation

Withdrawn from friends, family and the community. Lonely. Lost interest or enjoyment in the sport/activity, not coming to training or matches.

Physical Health

Not eating or sleeping well, lack of regular exercise. Loss of energy and tired all the time. Unexplained aches and pains; looking run down and not like their normal self

Obvious Changes

Sad, moody, worry a lot, teary, restless, on edge or irritable.  Weight loss or gain.  Increased use of alcohol or substance abuse.  Difficultly concentrating or can’t make decisions.

Reacting in the wrong way

Lashing out verbally and physically, bursts of anger, acting out of character.

Tough Times

Issues with school, work, or home life, performance level.  Relationship Breakup, major illness, death in family, injury or recent tragic or disturbing personal events.

If you notice any of these signs in A SPORT you are involved with then assist people to get help or seek help yourself if you can relate to any of the points above.  See doctor, local mental health charity, or call Lifeline.