Promoting Positive Mental Fitness Through Sport

Shaping Lives, Changing Lives and Saving Lives

What We Do

TAMHI is a mental health charity based in Northern Ireland that works with sports clubs and groups who use sport to raise awareness of mental health and resilience. TAMHI works with sport clubs, schools and youth groups to make mental health fun and engaging. We are based in North Belfast but will support any group we can with resources.

Our approach is focused on raising capacity of grassroots groups to have the confidence to connect with their members in relation to mental health. We do this through, workshops, talks, training and most uniquely activities and games. Our approach has proven to connect better with people who like sports and like to learn through activity.

Our Vision

All sports groups and community groups who use sport and activity:

  • Realise their true impact on mental health and wellbeing

  • Have strong mental health structures

  • Capacity & Confidence to engage their members/audiences

Our Mission

To make mental health a top priority for all sports groups and community groups in Northern Ireland.

  • We will do this through campaigns and creating customised club/group resources

  • Training and helping groups set up projects that implement the learning,

  • Research and co-design of projects to meet our groups needs.

Sports Develop-Mental Approach

Our approach is about making a difference, working hand in hand with groups to understand their capacity and potential and adjusting our approach to their needs.

  • Promote….. Positive Mental Fitness

  • Raise Awareness….of issues that affect Mental Health

  • Tackle Stigma…. and break down barriers through Sport

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