TAMHI Events

Welcome to our events page! Here at TAMHI, we are passionate about promoting positive mental health and resilience through the power of sports. As a mental health charity based in Northern Ireland, we work closely with sports clubs, schools, and youth groups to make mental health engaging and fun.

On this page, we will keep you updated with all the upcoming events that we will be hosting or participating in. From workshops and talks to unique activities and games, our approach is focused on raising the capacity of grassroots groups to connect with their members in relation to mental health.


United Legends

T.A.M.H.I. are bringing Manchester United Legends to Solitude Belfast to bring your former hero's up close and personal. They will be playing against Cliftonville/ Crusaders select, some of Northern Irelands top comedians and some fantastic volunteers that have been raising money for TAMHI.

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Test Event #2

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Test Event

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