Resilient Active Youth

RAY Stands for Resilient Active Youth. RAY is a group of young people who come from all different backgrounds from all parts of north Belfast. RAY is designed to upskill and mentor young people to become leaders of the future. Mentoring and coaching them adding vital skills to benefit them in their future. RAY helps alongside other parts of TAMHI to; complete events like our Easter egg and Christmas selection box drops in our local communities, organise fundraising events, coach in youth centres and schools and social action projects.

Resilient Active Youth News

May 2024- Lord Mayors Day

Out at the Lord Mayors Day down at city hall we had a ball representing TAMHI and letting everyone else know what a great charity TAMHI are.


May 2024- RAY delivering to Ardoyne Gac

Hope for Youth

Great session in Girdwood Community Hub facilitated by our amazing Resilient Active Youth leaders.

They delivered a mental health/team building session with Ardoyne Gac


May 2024- Mario Bros on tour

Mario Brothers out at Our Club Our CommunityGirdwood Community Hub 9 aside programme tonight spreading a bit of positive vibes for #mentalhealthawareness week 😀


May 2024- Cycle Against Suicide

Our Resilient Active Youth Leader was supporting Cycle Against Suicide today.

He was originally going to give out some information at stall, and ended up giving a speech about how positive activity played a key role in his mental health being in a good place.

An inspirational young man 👨👏


April 2024- Fundraising Day

A big shout out to Jasmine McLarnon who organised a fun raiser at B&M bargains with Sonic making an appearance and handing out some cakes. Raising over £100 for TAMHI what a STAR.


April 2024-Girdwood Monday training

Great to see the youths learning and perfecting our Mental Wealth Games and of course having loads of fun as well.


April 2024- Ray out helping New Lodge Arts

Feedback from New Lodge Arts
Well done to our young people leading on the New Heights Project. They had their 4th session today in collaboration with Tamhi Tackling Awareness of Mental Health Issues . Great session had by all. Big thanks to TAMHI 😊 our other agents worked on their planning and recruitment and enjoyed a working lunch at our local café at Ashton stores which was delish! Thank you


March 2024- Easter 1Egg=1Smile Campaign

Out in the local community giving out 100s of Easter eggs just to bring a smile on peoples faces, one of the big highlights of volunteering in RAY seeing all the smiles.


March 2024- Easter #1Egg=1Smile in schools

When we took a trip into a local school to create a few smiles.


Would you like to get involved ?

We invite you to join us and be a part of our efforts. If you would like to get involved, please don't hesitate to reach out to us