May 2024- Mental Health Awareness Week

Great message from Raceview FC Ladies


This week we will be focusing and highlighting the importance of ⭐️ MOVEMENT ⭐️ and your mental health!

We will use our page to help promote mental health and provide useful resources you may need when you feel you are in the darkest days.

Keep an eye on our page and let’s help awareness of mental health 🩵

Remember : ✨ it’s okay not to be okay ✨

What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed behaviour! Stronger together ❤️

Our social media pages are always open and someone will be on the other end if it is ever needed, sometimes talking to a stranger is easier than talking to someone you know.

Tamhi Tackling Awareness of Mental Health Issues

Mental Health Foundation

MonTheView 💙