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Welcome to our events page! Here at TAMHI, we are passionate about promoting positive mental health and resilience through the power of sports. As a mental health charity based in Northern Ireland, we work closely with sports clubs, schools, and youth groups to make mental health engaging and fun.

On this page, we will keep you updated with all the upcoming events that we will be hosting or participating in. From workshops and talks to unique activities and games, our approach is focused on raising the capacity of grassroots groups to connect with their members in relation to mental health.

Upcoming campaigns

Stress Awareness Month 

We all lead busy lives.  Sometimes adults can be stressed out by work, relationships, and money worries.  Young people can be stressed out by exams, peer pressure and expectations.

At TAMHI we accept that everyone has good days and bad and there are some things we can do to look after our mental health and mitigate the impacts of negative stress.

Please find our two resources:

Stress: This is for coaches, older players aged 16+ and parents.  Please download and share on your social media and club WhatsApp group.

Exams: Young People are going to be taking Exams in May time, give them some advice on how to look after their wellbeing during what can be a very stressful time.

Click on your club to get your own branded resources

If you can't find your club but would like custom resources for your team please use the contact us at the top of the page

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March 2023- Shared Space Sunday

Shared Space Sunday Girdwood Community Hub

Amazing array of talent, diversity, youth energy as we celebrate Girdwood as shared space and promote good relations Community Relations Council

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March 2024- #1EGG=1SMILE

Great start for our Easter Campaign #1BOX=1SMILE

Special delivery today of Easter eggs from Our amazing friends Inspired Memories along with new character to give these away 😀.. so that is our #1EGG1SMILE campaign underway if u would like to donate and make children smile this Easter 🐣😊 let us know 😀#TAMHIFAMILY

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March 2024- Fortwillam and Trinity

TAMHI schools programmes

We facilitate an evidenced based Peer Leaders Programme

Mental Health Talks


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March 2024- Mindful play in action

Mindful Play in @Currie PS and St. Patrick's Primary School Belfast

Great engagement raising #mentalhealthawareness

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March 2024- Marrowbone Youth Club

Great feedback from Marrowbone youth club

What A Fantastic Sesson 👏Tamhi Tackling Awareness of Mental Health Issues

Thank You Mickey Meehan The Lads Had The Best Laugh They Can't Wait For The Next One 😀😊


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March 2024- Wolf Tones Greencastle

Great to see Wolf Tones Greencastle putting our logo on their new kit

A very easy way to raise awareness of Mental Health is to display it with pride.

Loads of clubs have had TAMHI logo either in the middle, on the lapel or on the sleeve.

It's great to see. Note you can display other services 😉

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February 2024- ITV Sport for Good Awards

TAMHI has won ITV Sport for Good Award last night in London.

Thanks to sported and Sported NI for believing in our programmes that help clubs raise Mental health awareness.

We had the absolute pleasure of receiving the award from Frank and Christine Lampard who where nothing short of amazing 👏

We also got to meet and mingle with loads of sporting celebrities.

The best thing that came from this experience was the fact we got to showcase our work to the wider UK sport network and we know from various conversations after the award that groups love what we do and the impact we have and conversations have started about how we can link in and network ❤️

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February 2024- Young Leaders program

Our Leaders Lead..

We got our Belfast Royal Academy and St. Malachy's College young leaders new t-shirts.

We unfortunately didn't get funding for this program Girdwood Community Hub 4 All as @NI Executive was skint. Hopefully thats sorted now.

We believe in the amazing young people we support so we got then Tshirts as we are proud that they represent TAMHI 🙌

Our Leaders prepared for their upcoming primary school coaching programme

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Would you like to get involved ?

We invite you to join us and be a part of our efforts. If you would like to get involved, please don't hesitate to reach out to us