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Welcome to our events page! Here at TAMHI, we are passionate about promoting positive mental health and resilience through the power of sports. As a mental health charity based in Northern Ireland, we work closely with sports clubs, schools, and youth groups to make mental health engaging and fun.

On this page, we will keep you updated with all the upcoming events that we will be hosting or participating in. From workshops and talks to unique activities and games, our approach is focused on raising the capacity of grassroots groups to connect with their members in relation to mental health.

Upcoming campaigns

Stress Awareness Month 

We all lead busy lives.  Sometimes adults can be stressed out by work, relationships, and money worries.  Young people can be stressed out by exams, peer pressure and expectations.

At TAMHI we accept that everyone has good days and bad and there are some things we can do to look after our mental health and mitigate the impacts of negative stress.

Please find our two resources:

Stress: This is for coaches, older players aged 16+ and parents.  Please download and share on your social media and club WhatsApp group.

Exams: Young People are going to be taking Exams in May time, give them some advice on how to look after their wellbeing during what can be a very stressful time.

Click on your club to get your own branded resources

If you can't find your club but would like custom resources for your team please use the contact us at the top of the page

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February 2024- Ballysillan primary school

Great feedback from Ballysillan school
Mick and Our Club Our Community learning the youths Mental Health while having fun
Primary 7 had their first workshop with Tamhi Tackling Awareness of Mental Health Issues, learning that it was okay to ask for help. We had a super time, see you next week!!! 😊

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February 2024- Crusaders Strikers

Down supporting Crusaders with their Mental Health Project
We also brought some resources to be handed out
Great to see the girls focused on Wellbeing and resilience

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February 2024- Kilcoo GAC

As part of of development of Mental Wealth Games and adoption to GAA based on our successful pilot with Naomh Éanna CLG we delivered a hybrid classroom/games session to young people aged 11 to 13 in Kilcoo.
Overall a great success 🙌

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February 2024- Assumption Grammar

TAMHI post primary school programme

The initial programme entailed:

Training the Young Leaders in Anti Bullying Games and Positive Mental Health Games.

The pupils then delivered two school social action projects.

Anti Bullying Week November

Children's Mental health week February

It was a pleasure to work with such a dedicated school with so much sporting energy 🙌

The key development in this programme is peer support relationships.

Our Leaders create a fun filled safe space where they talk to their peers, listen to them and leave them with positive messages of support

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February 2024- New Banners

Something a bit different tonight with Belfast City Council @policing community safety partnership designing mental health banners for North Belfast based youth group's.

Bitta craic, bitta pizza and some class banners #mentalhealthmatters#childrensmentalhealth

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February 2024- City Hall Visit

Bringing our young Leaders to City Hall to meet Belfast Lord Mayor Ryan Murphy. The youths were able to explain the benefits that they received from the TAMHI programme and also ask questions directly to Ryan regarding what they would like to see to improve their mental health in their local areas. A big thank you to the Lord Mayor for suppling the food for everyone. Great to see Belfast City light up in TAMHI colours.

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February 2024- Children Mental Health Week

A none stop week from supporting our clubs to deliver and promote Children Mental Health Week "My Voice Matters" to supporting our young leaders in delivering our Mental Wealth games in schools to their peers.

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January 2024- Opentext

Time to Talk Day

Mental Health "Our State of Wellbeing "

On Tuesday we worked with Opentext (Formally Microfocus) and the staff designed T-shirts of what mental health means to them. They "Talked" .

The amazing thing is that people are all different, so while some use symbols, drawing and others use words, consistent themes shine through.

Mental Health by its definition is positive. Words like Hope, Support, Emotions etc all shine through.

Life is a Roller Coaster, we will all face trauma and challenge, and have periods of poor mental health.

We need to always talk about our mental health when se feel low, but also when we feel happy. Share how we look after our wellbeing and motivate and inspire others.


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