Resilient Active Youth

RAY Stands for Resilient Active Youth. RAY is a group of young people who come from all different backgrounds from all parts of north Belfast. RAY is designed to upskill and mentor young people to become leaders of the future. Mentoring and coaching them adding vital skills to benefit them in their future. RAY helps alongside other parts of TAMHI to; complete events like our Easter egg and Christmas selection box drops in our local communities, organise fundraising events, coach in youth centres and schools and social action projects.

Resilient Active Youth News

December 2023- Denby After schools

Sonic and Mario spreading smiles at Denby after schools the leaders also enjoyed some selection boxes as well.


December 2023- Forth River Primary School

When a young man makes an impression on our RAY team when they were raising money for selection boxes. He went and drew the Turtles so it was only right that the Turtles showed up to say thanks and also brought there friend Spiderman.


December 2023- St. Malachy's Old Boys Youth

The RAY brought out the 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at St. Malachy's Old Boys Youth FC Football 4 All tonight showcasing a bitta Turtle Power to spread Joy and Smiles #1Box1Smile,


December 2023- Keyrings

At O'Donovan Rossa with Mental Health Keyrings

We are trying this out at a social enterprise idea for our Young Leaders to potentially raise some funds for our Youth Projects #mentalhealthawareness and what a Kit if we do say so ourselves


November 2023- Co-op Raising funds

This week we have been in the Co-Op Oldpark road raising funds for our 1Box1Smile campaign great to see some of the new costumes that we have now got. We got to see first hand the smiles on the children's faces when they saw us. We are now looking forward to delivering all the selection boxes.


October 2023- Spooky dip for smiles

Our RAY team had to get up in the middle of the night well 7am it felt like it. We braved the good water to help and raise money for our future 1Box=1Smile campaign.


October 2023- World Mental Health Day

We have teamed up with County Antrim Boxing IABA and Belfast City Council to put on a day of Boxing to Promote #WorldMentalHealthDay2023 @ShankillLC

Over 200 young people from across North Belfast schools community are taking part.

Outstanding RAY leader Gary on site representing 👏


September 2023- Raising awareness of seniors week

Gary helping junior footballers creating club keyrings for their older family members.


September 2023- Ray team night

A great night at Friendly Fire with all the RAY team .


Would you like to get involved ?

We invite you to join us and be a part of our efforts. If you would like to get involved, please don't hesitate to reach out to us