Resilient Active Youth

RAY Stands for Resilient Active Youth. RAY is a group of young people who come from all different backgrounds from all parts of north Belfast. RAY is designed to upskill and mentor young people to become leaders of the future. Mentoring and coaching them adding vital skills to benefit them in their future. RAY helps alongside other parts of TAMHI to; complete events like our Easter egg and Christmas selection box drops in our local communities, organise fundraising events, coach in youth centres and schools and social action projects.

Resilient Active Youth News

Easter 2021

Feed back from what the press said about our “HAVE AN EGGCELLANT DAY” were RAY delivered 1000 Easter chocolate egg with the slogan 1 egg = 1 smile


Tamhi Colour Run

We have just completed our 2021 TAMHI Colour Run thanks to the volunteering support of our RAY team. With Covid 19 we had to do a few things differently this year but will a great team behind us the result is always the same Smiles all round. This event was organised by RAY with help from our Youth Coordinator Mickey making sure that the youths never took there eye of the boil and if so he was able to step in and make the event run smoothly.


Christmas 2020

Our RAY team out in force supporting St Patricks Soup Kitchen and also trying to spread a bit of joy around North Belfast by delivering some sweets for the kids.


Would you like to get involved ?

We invite you to join us and be a part of our efforts. If you would like to get involved, please don't hesitate to reach out to us